Reaching Men in the Church

The ratio of men to women in many churches, especially in African Caribbean churches is concerning to say the least.  It is of no surprise that the topic is one of the most widely debated within the black church. Why is it that Caribbean men in particular seemingly do not want to commit to Jesus Christ and ‘join the church?’ Many reasons have been discussed ranging from the worship style of services, with emotional displays of individuals crying, to the actual environment of the church being too feminine, yet some may wonder whether the preaching content is relevant to the male psyche. The church may be inadvertently communicating messages that may be off putting to a lot of men. As two single female ministers who founded and co-pastor a church, we have always had fellow male pastors who actively support and are attracted to our ministry. We went through a period at the beginning of our ministry where there were hardly any men but currently the numbers of men attending the church has increased significantly.

Interestingly, the majority of churches are started and led by men. It seems odd that even male church leaders are finding it difficult to attract men into the church. We believe that there are wider issues that we need to explore. Our black men disproportionately face a lot of discrimination and as a result some are disengaged and some have unfortunately ended up in mental institutions and prison. It is understood that many black men feel powerless in this society and are affected by poor employment prospects, for example. They certainly do not feel like the ‘king of the castle’. We have noticed that some men are returning ‘home’ because they are unable to make headway in the UK. In and out of the church, black men are sometimes not presented in a good light; regrettably, derogatory terms such as ‘waste man,’ ‘worthless’ and other variations that have become part of common usage in describing some of our disaffected men, are abusive and damaging…   where can i buy priligy in india Read the FULL article here

Written By: Rev Dr Carol Tomlin & Prophetess Tamika

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